Sensory Processing Disorder in New Jersey

Sensory Processing DisorderIn any activity that a person does, the individual relies on the different senses in order to properly complete that activity. Functioning about in any environment is overwhelming without the feedback that the individual gets through their senses. These feedback can also come simultaneously from the different senses and there must be a system in place to make sense of the environment.

Unfortunately there are children and adults alike that have Sensory Processing Disorder, wherein the stimuli coming from the environment do not make any sense.  To the individual, an otherwise mundane and simple act can become overwhelming and confusing.  Among children this might be the cause of behavioral issues, anxiety, undeveloped motor skills, depression and other disorders that make it difficult for them to live a normal life.

Sensory Integration

Sensory processing disorder can affect just one, some, or all of the senses at the same time.  Sometimes children have problems with just visual or auditory stimuli, or any combination of the different senses. It can also come in the form of under-responsiveness or over-responsiveness.


One common problem nowadays is the misdiagnosis of behavioral issues. For instance, children who crave stimuli are often times diagnosed as having ADHD. This is common and very unfortunate, since treating and medicating a child for ADHD will not help at all, if this is not the problem.

Not many health care professionals are trained to recognize sensory processing disorder, which is why a number of children are misdiagnosed. Proper evaluation is critical for a greater chance at success in treating any problem.

Sensory Integration Therapy

If your child is experiencing any kind of behavioral problems make sure to consider bringing him/her to an occupational therapist that specializes in sensory integration therapy.  Most of the time behavioral issues are addressed naturally and without the use of drugs.

A skilled occupational therapist can perform Sensory Integration Therapy in a fun and positive environment that will help the child in making sense of the world that we live in.

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