Sensory Integration Therapy

More and more therapists nowadays are turning to Sensory Integration Therapy to address a number of developmental issues among children.  Although this might be considered a non-traditional approach, its effectiveness in helping children with certain developmental delays cannot be ignored.  Learn about Sensory Integration and Sensory Integration Therapy, what is involved, and why it is gaining more and more attention from medical professionals and families alike.

What is Sensory Integration

Sensory Integration TherapyEven before infants are born into this world, the senses are already operational and are developing every day.  It is well known that babies in the womb can be spoken to and caressed.  The development of these senses is evidenced by the responses that can be witnessed when parents talk to their unborn child.

Given that there are multiple senses and that inputs from the environment are constantly inundating these senses, there has to be an efficient way in order to process these inputs.  Without proper sensory integration, these inputs can either overwhelm one or more of these senses, or the senses might not react as much to these inputs.

As infants grow, these senses should develop and learn to work with one another harmoniously in order to create meaningful information and make sense of the environment.  When the environment is meaningful and harmonious, it is easier for the individual to learn, interact and function with other people and their surroundings.

Subconscious Integration

The integration of the different senses must happen subconsciously. Without the subconscious processing of these stimuli from the environment, it will get overwhelming and stressful for any individual. Imagine having to consciously think about how to process what you see and what you hear when talking to someone.

It might be like watching a movie where in the picture is not in sync with the sound, and the audience has to think and put in effort in order to make sense of the experience.  This is difficult to experience even for a 2 hour movie. Imagine how it is like for someone who experiences this day in and day out. It will get pretty overwhelming, and most of the time this stress can be the root cause of developmental and behavioral issues.

Sensory Integration Therapy

Sensory Integration Therapy is performed usually by occupational therapists in order to help individuals make sense of the different stimuli that they receive from their environment. Different techniques are used, usually in a fun and playful environment, in order to help children develop the ability to process these stimuli.

Sensory Integration Therapy also gradually increases the complexity of the tasks and activities.  Some children who might have been seen as having developmental delays are just lagging in adapting to more complex tasks because of the lack of sensory integration. This is why Sensory Integration Therapy has been very effective in helping children come up to speed with reaching the milestones that is expected for this age range.

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