Kindergarten Readiness Test

There are a number of parents who aren’t quite sure if their sons or daughters are ready for kindergarten.  This is quite understandable, since any form of progress mean more expectations. Even though kindergarten might sound like child’s play, for kids it might be too much too soon, and parents want to make sure that their kids are ready even if they have reached the birthday cut off.  kindergartenThis kind of thinking stems from the care and protection of the parent. The readiness of the child emotionally, logically, physically and socially can mean the difference between a successful kindergarten ahead.

However a downside to this is that there is the tendency to delay the child from starting kindergarten even though they are perfectly ready and capable.  This has resulted to 6 year old and above kids just starting out at this level.

How to Determine if Your Child is Ready for Kindergarten

So how are parents to determine if their child is ready? Is there a test or checklist available that could help parents assess this? It might be a bit difficult to assess if your child is ready to cope with the New Jersey kindergarten core curriculum standards, given that there are multiple aspects that have to be considered.  There are some kids who may be mature logically but may be emotionally or physically unready.

Although there are no strict guidelines, here is a simple kindergarten readiness checklist that can be used to test whether the child is indeed ready.  This is by no means a complete list, but can be used as a rough guide.

Language and Listening

  • Familiar with a number of nursery rhymes
  • Can talk in complete sentences
  • Sentences can have more than one idea
  • Is able to tell stories based on the day’s experience
  • Shows curiosity and asks questions
  • Can follow simple instructions
  • Able to listen to stories and shows concentration
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Social and Emotional

  • Can interact with both adults and other children
  • Familiar with the magic words “excuse me”, “please” and “thank you”
  • Starting to learn how to dress themselves
  • Offers to help others
  • Starting to learn bathroom skills
  • Tries new tasks and can follow instructions

Motor and Physical

  • Able to use scissors
  • Able to hold and use pencils, crayons and markers
  • Able to bounce, throw and catch balls
  • Comfortable with running, climbing and jumping

Reading and Writing

  • Able to hold books and turn pages on their own
  • Reads signs and labels
  • Familiar with the sounds of letters
  • Recognize their own name
  • Starts to write, draw or doodle


  • Can count to 10 or more
  • Has an idea of comparisons
  • Has ideas on basic shapes and sizes
  • Can arrange and group objects

If you are having difficulty is assessing the readiness of your child for kindergarten, we can evaluate and test your child in order to give you the peace of mind knowing that your child is fully capable in handling full day kindergarten. Having a successful and fruitful start will give the child a right idea and mindset about school and will enable them to enjoy succeeding years.

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