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People tend to think that proper handwriting is all about good penmanship and being able to write legibly. Writing is an important form of communication and hand written notes and documents will never be totally eliminated even in this digital age. Children and even adults nowadays are more skilled at using keyboards and touch screens and most people seldom write using traditional pen and paper. Aside from having non-legible handwriting, there are other effects and implications of not having proper handwriting in children. If these are not corrected by proper guidance at home, school or a handwriting therapy class, this might have an effect on the overall development of the child.

Hand Eye Coordination

Being able to write properly starts with good hand-eye coordination and proper posture.  The simple act of writing may seem like it only involves a few fingers and a pencil, but in reality almost the entire body needs to be properly aligned.  Not only should the writing instrument be properly positioned and gripped in the hand, the arms, torso, head and even the legs and feet have to be positioned properly for better stabilization.

Symptoms of Deeper Problems

Most adults fail to notice how children wrap their legs around the chair’s legs because of difficulty in balance. Some children have difficulty in holding a pencil and getting it to make any mark on paper. A child may have difficulty in constructing the proper sequence and form of letters.  These are just some symptoms and problems that unfortunately are most of the times taken for granted.

These and other symptoms can be signs of deeper problems in a child’s development. Not being able to grip a writing instrument and writing letters is a sign of poor fine motor skills.  If the child cannot spell or remember how letters should look like, that might be an indication of poor memory and sequencing skills which is very important in math and logic.

Handwriting Therapy

It is a good thing that there are handwriting groups and therapy sessions available for children.  These sessions help not only in developing the child’s penmanship, but among others, it also helps the child’s:

  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Hand Eye Coordination
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Logic and Sequencing
  • Academic Confidence

Confidence is one of the best things that any parent can give their child. Believe it or not, this can be achieved through a group or individual handwriting therapy session.  These programs are designed to give children an edge and the confidence to face the challenges that they will soon encounter in school.

We provide Handwriting Without Tears workshops in New Jersey.  To learn more about our programs and how we can help your child, please give us a call at (973) 665-3696.